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The unique combination of both Indian and International perspective in the education domain, shifts the focus to give an edge during the progressive period of traditional pedagogy. This in turn challenges the waters of self- development and organizational effectiveness.

Our institution believes in equipping students with a strong academic foundation, excellent life skills, and leadership qualities, wherein teachers and students respect each other.

I am happy to note that the school upholds a safe, nurturing and caring environment, which allows its students to develop cordial relationships with teachers and peers, alike. Our school equips them with impeccable social skills that helps in the near future.

I am glad to see that AVIS has given ample opportunity to children, to explore their creative writing and oratorical talents, which aid them rendering in style. It not only helps the child, but benefits the audience also.

We lay focus on all-round development of a child where s/he will be physically strong and mentally healthy. Children strive to work harder to learn more and more. This process of giving and taking education should never stop.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, when being asked about his three priorities of the government, said, “Education, Education and Education.” This statement reveals a statesman’s worry for the present and the future. It is aphoristic rather than figurative.

The year 2019-2020 has been the year of diversified approach. I congratulate all the teaching and non-teaching Staff for their hard work towards the institution.

Ms.Vanaja (Principal) has been very diligent in carrying out her duties really well.

Founder, Vice-Chairman and Correspondent