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Academic Director for AVIS, PGOS and DPS

Ms T. Sudha

Academic Director for AVIS, PGOS and DPS
Voluntary Counsellor Manodarpan and CBSE

Dear student,

Right from its inception, the Pallavi institutions have focused on offering word-class education bringing best- practices in curriculum and pedagogy, committed faculty and creating an environment where students can acquire the latest concepts and in-depths knowledge and also develop abilities to think critically, innovate and develop new ideas.

The unique programs envisaged through the year in the almanac cut- cross disciplines and offer students a holistic techno- commercial perspective of the education sector. The senior secondary programs offered, further enlarge the scope with targeted research and learning from the best in the world.

In addition, our strong desire to produce “Doers” and not mere armchair students, has resulted in developing the student into an all-round personality through such well amalgamated curricular and co-curricular processes. Twenty-six years of existence itself is a testimony of its success.

School Almanac is a chronicle that blends philosophy of the management with the daily academic and co- curricular activities. It also tries to provide scope for individuals to nurture their own interests and pursue later in life. School almanac is ready reference for parent teacher contact and also a tracker for the student’s daily proceedings. Syllabus, assessment schedules, timetables, fee reminders, bus and other school facilities enables the parents also to plan their official and domestic lives in equilibrium.

Pallavi envisions nation building by nurturing future engineers, technocrats , entrepreneurs, academicians, savants, doctors, artists, designers, planners with a holistic and pragmatic development.

Almanac is expected to be carried daily to school irrespective of class and age. Parents are expected to check the almanac daily. Any communication sent by the teacher is expected to be countersigned and acknowledged by the parent.

In this age of technology and apps for communication, this written legendary almanac survives year after year with dignity. Treat it with respect and honour it by reading every word and record your daily proceedings for ready references.