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Games and sports keep one physically and mentally fit which keeps one away from diseases relating to heart, obesity, phrenic stress, and sleeplessness. They instill in the player a spirit of aplomb, self-reliance, discipline, equity, equitable play, and patriotism. Games provide us with recreation and delectation. Games are very essential but are neglected in schools. India lacks funds, and felicitous training facilities are not provided to the players. Sports bring opulent dividends to sportsmen.
We all are habituated with the maxim ‘health is wealth’. According to the World Health Organization, ‘Health is a state of consummate physical, the absence of disease.’ Academics accommodate the purport of victualing the mind. But a salubrious mind resides in a salubrious body. One can develop and maintain a salubrious body by actively participating in games and sports.
Games keep our body active, alert, youthful and energetic. They instill in us a spirit of adventure and increase the circulation of blood, boost metabolism, and ameliorate the respiration and digestive system. A salubrious person can work strenuously genially for a long period and can face perils boldly. Games withal instill in the players the spirit of self-reliance, aplomb, equity, and equitable play. They enable students to follow other virtues like discipline, veracity, integrity, adhesion, and patriotism.
Games engender a feeling of sportsmanship and broaden one’s perspective. They are very essential for the students. In our schools, however, games and sports are not given much paramountcy. Some schools dedicate this timing for games only weekly. Children find it arduous to pursue a game in the designated period. Many schools do not employ any physical instructor to guide the children in sundry games. Even parents want their children to consummate their assignments after school hours rather than play games. Many school children become extravagantly corpulent due to a lack of participation in games. Extravagant corpulence puts them in the high-risk category of contracting diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, etc. The education system needs to be reformed, and equal paramountcy needs to be given to sports and games.
Whether it is the matter of getting admission in institutions or getting jobs, sportsmen receive preference everywhere. Sports also bring fame and reputation.
The regime has formulated an Incipient National Sports Policy. It promotes a relishing for sports among the public at large. It aims at the development of infrastructure and the provision of better coaching facilities.