Admissions Open for 2024-25. Secure your spot today. Limited seats available!
  • Admissions Open for 2024-25. Secure your spot today. Limited seats available!



A child’s journey towards literary at Akshara Vaagdevi International School, Top International Schools in Hyderabad, involves learning to speak, listen, read, understand, watch, draw, and write. All the students may not be good at academics. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, reads the proverb which carries a lot of weight. We at Akshara Vaagdevi International School recognize the importance of all-round development of the child that extends beyond the classroom.
The Academic session 2017-18 has begun with our Literary and sports activities where we encourage the maximum number of students to participate in various events.

icon We have conducted English/Hindi/Telugu Handwriting competitions for the students of Classes 2 to 5 where every student put in their best.

icon Each child is unique and born with a talent. This was showcased in the English Recitation competition conducted for the students of Class 3 & 4. The children came up to recite with a lot of self-confidence and winning spirit in mind.

icon The Inter-House recitation competition at Akshara Vaagdevi International School, Top International Schools in Hyderabad, had a sense of competitive spirit, team-spirit, co-operation, and development of their creative talents.

icon A high-quality school assembly is one of the important aspects of a school’s curriculum. The universal themes such as Peace, Truth, cooperation, and respect act as the foundation not only for education but for the development of personal, social, moral and cultural aspects in a student’s life. This has been proved by the students of Class 5 with their Value-based assembly on “PEACE” conveyed a wonderful message to the students.